Silent Films LIVE is a live-to-picture show featuring new scores by elite Hollywood composers paired with selections from iconic silent films and performed by chamber orchestra. Created as a benefit concert for Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA), Silent Films LIVE was recently recorded by the Varèse Sarabande Chamber Orchestra under the Varèse Sarabande label at Capitol Records and is also available as a live show.  If you are interested in learning more about this show, please contact angeljvelez@gmail.com.



Silent Films LIVE (original): 1*1*1*0 1110 2Perc, Piano, Strings

Silent Films LIVE II: 1*1*1*1 1110 2Perc, Piano, Organ, Strings

Excerpt from One Week by Jeff Cardoni

Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra

Veracruz, Mexico

Angel Velez, conductor

Excerpt from Downhill by William Ross

USC Trojan Chamber Orchestra

Los Angeles, USA

Angel Velez, conductor

Silent Films LIVE II

  • “Toccata for Toy Trains ” - music by Elmer Bernstein (“The Magnificent Seven", “Ghost Busters”)
  • “The Immigrant” - music by Blake Neely (“Training Day,” “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”)
  • “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” - music by Arturo Sandoval (“The Mule", "The Richard Jewell Story")
  •  “Ben Hur” - music by Sean Callery (“24”, “Homeland”)
  • “The Battleship Potemkin” - music by Fil Eisler (“Fargo,” “The Night Of”)
  • “Der Golem” - music by Nathan Barr (“Austin Powers,” “Santa Clause”)
  •  "Trip to the Moon" - music by Lisbeth Scott ("American Son")
  •  "Downhill" - music by William Ross ("My Dog Skip", The Little Rascals")

Silent Films LIVE (original)

  • “Modern Times” - music by Jeff Beal (“Blackfish", “House of Cards”)
  • “One Week”  - music by Jeff Cardoni (“Training Day", “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”)
  • “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” - music by Laura Karpman (“The Living Edens", “Paris Can Wait”)
  •  “Phantom of the Opera”  - music by Kevin Kiner (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars", “Narcos”)
  • “The Great Train Robbery”  - music by Jeff Russo (“Fargo", “Star Trek Picard”)
  • “Nosferatu”  - music by George S. Clinton (“Austin Powers", “Santa Clause”)

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