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Rental Information

Available as individual or packaged programs, Silent Films Live selections have been written with chamber orchestra instrumentation in mind but which can also easily be expanded upon for a larger ensemble.  The current instrumentation is 1111  1110  2perc  piano + strings).
  • Individual selection rental: $500 per concert run
  • Package selection rental (up to 6 selections): $2,000 per concert run
Provided with Rental:
  • Score/parts for instrumentation 1111  1110  2perc  piano + strings (additional parts available upon request)
  • Click track file for conductor
  • Punches and streamers video files for conductor
  • Audience view video files
Equipment Requirements (not provided):
  • Large screen for hi-resolution film file
  • Separate conductor monitor to run punches and streamers video files (this file could also be used as the "Audience View" if wishing to demonstrate a "Behind-the-Scenes" look or if only having one video stream for both conductor and audience
  • Headphones for conductor (it is possible to use punches and streamers video alone)
  • Conductor (contact for specific rate)
Additional Inquiries
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