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Fil Eisler

 iZLER faithfully composes music that embodies both story and character. It’s become his signature, and can be heard on Revenge, ABC’s hit drama series starring Madeleine Stowe, Emily Van Camp and Gabriel Mann, as well as Showtime’s Emmy-winning Shameless, starring William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin. iZLER was awarded with a 2013 BMI Award for his work on these two shows.  Revenge is set to return for a third season on Sept. 29, 2013, and the fourth season of Shameless will return in 2014. 

     For two seasons, iZLER – a Czech-born, English-raised composer and multi-instrumentalist – has made Revenge into a musically-driven show. And as a conductor, he and a 50-piece orchestra bring his work to life. His dedication to finding the right melody for Revenge hasn’t been ignored. Variety described his music as "smoky, elaborate film noir-inspired compositions", while Beatweek Magazine praised iZLER for making “beautiful music” that “…almost acts as another character further enveloping the audience in its grasp.” 

     Other film and television credits include songwriting for NBC’s ER, Lionsgate’s My Best Friend's Girl, NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Universal’s This Revolution, FX’s Thief, and upcoming indie film Growing Up and Other Lies. 

     iZLER started his career as a touring musician, and he has traveled, recorded and written with artists, producers and composers as diverse as Robbie Williams, Ryan Adams, Marco Beltrami, Dave Stewart, Imogen Heap, Jesse Malin, Kim Caldwell, Kylie Minogue, Brian May, Holly Johnson, and many others. 

     iZLER’s song "Superblind" appears on Williams’ multi-platinum album Reality Killed the Video Star, which was produced by Trevor Horn and based on iZLER's original production and orchestral arrangement. 

     Over the years, iZLER’s past projects have garnered critical acclaim on the film festival circuit. He won Best Film Score for his work on Robbie Pickering’s Natural Selection at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival. The film was the most decorated of the festival, also winning the Grand Jury and Audience Awards. 


 In 2008, iZLER was among up-and-coming composers invited to the Sundance Film Composer's Lab in Utah. And at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, iZLER composed the music for the Inuit-themed thriller On the Ice, which won the Crystal Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. He also scored the Sundance-backed documentary Whatever It Takes and Jonathan van Tulleken's BAFTA nominated thriller Off Season. In addition, a collection of iZLER’s works was performed live at the opening night of the 2010 festival. 

     Meanwhile, iZLER also wrote the music for cult/film festival favorite Humboldt County and the score to The Hammer, a true story based on the inspiring life of deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill. 

     Among his other achievements, iZLER was selected for the BMI conducting fellowship under the tutelage of Lucas Richman in 2009, and he has also studied conducting for film with Eimear Noone at UCLA. 

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