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Emilie Bernstein


Emilie A. Bernstein is a film music orchestrator, and Pilates studio owner who lives in Los Angeles, Ca. Emilie had the unique fortune of being able to work closely as an orchestrator with her father, the late film composer Elmer Bernstein.  She was his lead orchestrator beginning in 1992 and ending only upon his death in 2004. Together they worked on 22 films which included a long association with the director Martin Scorsese (Cape Fear, Age of Innocence, Bringing Out The Dead) as well as Francis Ford Coppola (The Rainmaker), Barry Sonnenfeld (Wild, Wild West) and Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), to name just a few. Emilie produced almost all of her father’s soundtracks during that time period, as well as working with him on projects such as the underscore and arrangement for “History” from Michael Jackson’s album, HIStory. After her father’s death in 2004 Emilie worked with her band ‘Story of M’ for whom she wrote songs, sang and played guitar. A highlight of that time was hearing their track “Sailor” being played on KCRW. Emilie also had the pleasure of working on the Call of Duty franchise with composer and long time friend Sean Murray. She orchestrated the music for both World at War and Black Ops, for which her son is very proud. 

In 2014 Emilie made a career pivot and opened a Pilates studio in Santa Monica CA, named Good Body Pilates. Recently Emilie was able to combine her music career with her movement expertise when Angel Velez asked her to be a part of the LAFCI 2019 conducting program, teaching the students Pilates techniques to enhance their conducting skills. Emilie is the proud parent of two children, Castelle and Ethan Eskin.

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