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Lisbeth Scott


Lisbeth Scott is an award winning singer/songwriter whose voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and television shows many of which are Oscar and Emmy winners including Shrek, Narnia, AVATAR, Spiderman, Passion, Munich (in which John Williams wrote a 5 minute solo specifically for Scott), Ironman and Trueblood. She has simultaneously developed her career as a solo artist producing and recording over 9 albums and is currently working on her tenth. Her work has spent over 10 weeks in the top ten of the Billboard charts and she has toured the world appearing both with orchestra and her band.

Scott has recently stepped into the role of film composer and has scored several feature films to date, working with directors Louie Schwartzberg and Adam Christian Clark among others. She is also writing with Nathan Barr as co-composer on the new Amazon children's series Tumbleaf, premiering early 2014. Her composing work will also be gracing Broadway in the next few years in two well known musical adaptations.

Lisbeth began her career as a classical pianist headed for a concert career, but as soon as she could, ran away to California to literally find her voice.Someone heard her singing and playing piano for a modern dance class in the hills of Idyllwild and suggested her voice for a score by composer Hans Zimmer. That was all it took. Scott's uniquely moving and shiver-inducing voice was launched.

Her voice, songs and compositions are largely influenced by her upbringing and travels, which were steeped in every kind of music imaginable. She was surrounded by classical music as a child not only due to her piano studies, but also because her sister was a professional ballerina.Her parents were award winning ballroom dancers and exposed her to everything from the Mills Brothers to Peggy Lee, to Duke Ellington Judy Garland and Tommy Dorsey. Her Armenian grandparents sang her the songs and sounds of their country. A close family friend was a blues harmonica player and gave Lisbeth an in depth blues education that lead to a love of African rhythms and jazz. Scott spent many years studying African drumming with Baba Olatunji and several others. She also spent a year and half in London studying medieval music and traveled through Ireland for a long while to immerse herself in Celtic sounds. All along the way Scott picked up instruments and learned how to play them...6 and 12 string guitar, dulcimer, harmonium, and calimba to name a few. This combination of sounds and influences translates into a uniquely mesmerizing and

powerful sound. A sound that John Williams has called "absolutely ravishing" and Variety has called "...perfection".

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